Let the Sun Shine on You: Know the Vitamin D3 Benefits for our Body

Let the Sun Shine on You: Know the Vitamin D3 Benefits for our Body

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Vitamin D is a hormone that synthesizes into the body when it gets exposed to sunlight and gives Vitamin D3 benefits. It helps the body to absorb calcium, improves bone and teeth health, strengthens the immune system, regulates insulin level, improves lung functionality, and manages obesity.    

Elena was always conscious about eating the right food, hardly missed her yoga and meditation classes, practiced dance, watched her weight, and made sure she was following everything needed to live a healthy life. It was also because diabetes was in her family history and she wanted to break the chain. 

Over the years, she tweaked her diet according to her age and managed life gracefully. Her work required her to be mostly in the office and she completely missed the exposure to the sun. From the last few days, Elena wasn’t feeling energetic, she was often feeling tired that made her sad. She was also experiencing hair loss and weight gain. She thought to cut the intake of carbs but it didn’t help her much. When she discussed the issue with her doctor, she was asked to get tested for complete blood count and check the level of Vitamins. And the result showed low levels of Vitamin D3.  

Symptoms of Vitamin D3 deficiency: Lowered immunity, pain in the bones, fatigue, weakness, mood swings, anxiety, palpitation, hair loss, fibromyalgia, obesity etc.

Sources of Vitamin D3?

While sunlight may be the best source of vitamin D3 in the body, certain foods and supplements also boost the levels of the vitamin in your body. But in the case of deficiency, one must take Vitamin D3 supplements after consulting with a doctor or a certified nutritionist.

Food for Vitamin D3

Beef liver, Salmon, Sardines, Tuna, Cod Liver Oil, Butter, Cereal etc. are foods rich in Vitamin D3. However, if you are a vegetarian you will be left with a few choices only. Relying on supplements is going to be a mandatory part of your lifestyle. 

The U.T. Health Science Center's Dr. Ryan Menard talks about vitamin D to HealthConnection.tv. To know the expert view, please watch.


Data Speaks

Healthline has mentioned the report of a survey that says 40% of Americans are deficient in vitamin D, especially African Americans, people who smoke, those who get little sun exposure or regularly use sunscreen, adults over age 65, and those with obesity or diabetes.  

Supplements for Vitamin D3

Many of the studies have reported that D3 supplements are as effective as sunlight and food sources. To rely on Vitamin D3 supplements, choose the best brand. Check the accuracy of ingredients, level of contaminants, FDA guidelines, and third party tests.  

VitPro offers Vitamin D3 and helped over a billion people across the world overcome the deficiency of sunlight vitamins. Consult your doctor and ask for the required dose. Also, do not forget to get yourself tested for Vitamins once in three months. 

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