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Indian Hemp and Haitian Vetiver 24-Hour Deodorant from Nubian Heritage freshens your day while soothing delicate underarm skin. A proprietary blend of essential oils brings you a brighter outlook on the world while the ancient wisdom of certified organic shea butter and neem oil keeps everything in balance. If you've experienced deodorant irritation, skin-loving Indian Hemp and Haitian Vetiver may be the soft, sweet touch you need. The fragrant vetiver plant is known throughout the Asian world for its aromatic oil, the universally calming scent of which has dubbed it "the oil of tranquility." Equally calming on the nose and the skin, Nubian Heritage 24-Hour Deodorant is like a neem oil bath for your underarms. With natural and organic ingredients known to many an ancient Indian, body odor meets its match in this sweet-smelling natural deodorant brand.