• Adjustable - Yes

  • Filtration - Unvalved

  • Material - Cotton

  • Ply - 3

  • Fastening - Elasticated

  • Foldable - 3-fold

  • Pack - Set of 10

  • Reusable - Yes



Designed with soft cloth texture, the unisex reusable face masks are easy to use, wear, and wash. No matter you are going to work, hosting a house party, or planning to participate in an outdoor activity, this pack of reusable adult face mask looks trendy and comes in handy. Made from cotton blend fabric, the COVID - 19 protection face mask USA makes sure that droplets and aerosols are not coming out of your mask when you sneeze and cough and protects you from other infectious agents, when others sneeze and cough. These masks come with an adjustable fit ensuring superior comfort during every use. It is easy to wash and can be reused up to 30 times. Buy face mask online from VitPro, which accepts the order of a few packs, mask bulk purchase, and delivers it promptly.

Use Cases

Indoor, outdoor, learning space, workspace, get-together

How to Use

  • Always wash your hand with soap and water or sanitize them with alcohol rub before and after using the mask.

  • Check the mask before wearing, for any damage or dirty.

  • Cover your mouth, nose, and chin properly with the mask.

  • Adjust the ear strings as per your comfort.

  • Avoid touching mask after wearing

  • Wash the mask with soap or detergent after each use

  • Store it in a clean place


  • Layer 1 Comes with 57% Polyester 43% Cotton

  • Layer 2 Comes with 100% Polyester

  • Layer 3 Comes with 100% Cotton


  • Before using the mask, don’t forget to wash your hand with soap and water or sanitize with an alcohol-based sanitizer.

  • The mask is for individual use only, do not share with anyone.

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