Product description

VitPro 10W Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Play Time: Up to 12 Hours




What can you get with your buying?

  • 1*Bluetooth speaker

  • 1*3.5mm audio line

  • 1*charging card(Adapter Not Included)

  • 1*user manual


Special notes: The device is with a TF card slot, but TF card Not Included in the package.


  • The new VitPro speaker delivers higher quality sound, with exceptional clarity.

  • Surprisingly loud, the Volume Booster 10+ watt power AMP pumps out more volume, distortion-free even at max volume.

  • Play your music to VitPro speakers wirelessly connected together for exceptional stereo sound.

  • Incredible Bluetooth Wireless Range Play up to 100 unobstructed feet away from your Bluetooth device.

  • Our advanced antenna design with Bluetooth 5.0 technology provides a faster connection to your device.

  • Ultra-Portable just 10 ounces, with 12-hour playtime makes for the perfect portable speaker

  • Custom designed precision stereo drivers deliver crystal clear Highs and Mids

  • Bass output is enhanced by our proprietary downward-facing passive bass radiator

  • Unique triangular design expands the sound stand and enhances the sound quality of the music and vocals.






100 Feet Away


  • Play up to 100 unobstructed feet away from your device*

  • Our advanced antenna design provides for a quicker connection and greater wireless range

  • Place your VitPro Speaker where you want, and your device can be up to 100 feet away.


Splash Proof


  • Splashproof, rainproof, Dustproof, outdoor travel speaker. Perfect for the beach, poolside, golf cart, everywhere you go.

  • Water-resistant IPX5 can resist gentle water spray and splash, but cannot be partially or fully submerged.



Up to 12-hours of battery Playtime


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