VitPro C Cell 1.5 Volt Everyday Alkaline Batteries are highly reliable and long-lasting, and surely suitable for many of the devices you use on a daily basis.
Compatible with different devices like remotes and flashlights, toys to doorbells, VitPro C Cell batteries are engineered to deliver the power you need for all your household devices.
These are non-rechargeable batteries and good to use only once.
Manufactured As per international standards: ANSI C18.1M Part 1, ANSI C18.1M Part 2, IEC 60086-1, IEC 60086-2, IEC 60086-5.


Number of Batteries: 4 Pack and 6 Pack available.

Voltage: 1.5V

Battery Cell Composition: Alkaline Batteries

Why Choose VitPro High-Performance Alkaline Batteries?

Ultra long-lasting batteries: VitPro alkaline batteries last up to 10 times longer than any ordinary battery, ideal to power the devices that are more in usage. VitPro batteries are available in a huge variety of types and sizes, serving the needs of everyone.

Maximum Power: The VitPro alkaline batteries are of high capacity and have been designed and checked against leakage, ensuring your devices are safe and protected against any leakage.

Safe for the environment: These batteries are operable in a wider range of temperatures, so no matter whether you are in a snow city or a hot and humid place, VitPro alkaline batteries would work best for you.

5-year Shelf Life: These batteries are good to use for one time. Keep a stock of the batteries and replace them, whenever needed. The batteries can be stored and used for up to 5 years. It remains in perfect condition if stored properly.

VitPro High-Performance Alkaline Batteries

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